Where Does a Creative Agency Find Inspiration

As one of the best creative agencies full of graphic designers, animators, web developers, social media marketing analysts, and copywriters, our job centers around using our imagination to develop new things. We create new ways of visually describing companies and their business goals. We build new interfaces for websites and applications.  We develop new strategies for marketing companies and innovative ways of communicating what separates a company in their industry.

All of this takes a great deal of creativity and innovation. But as humans, we don’t have an endless stream of imaginative energies. So we have to find inspiration. All graphic designers and artists in various fields are continually on this search for more inspiration.

So, where do the graphic designers at our studio inspiration for new projects? Well, it starts with our name, Cult LDN. Our name comes from the fact that we want to create a cult type following around your brand, and we are based in London. This doesn’t mean that we’re part of some weird cult of course!

Often, we simply derive ideas from nature. While not copying nature, we take inspiration from nature to the next level to create high-end design and fluid motion. Really, what better place to look for inspiration than in our environment?

Along with deriving things from our surrounding, we may notice inspiring features in the architecture of a building such as in much of London’s historic and modern buildings. There are many types of architecture at work here upon which to draw inspiration.

Often, we find ideas for graphic and logo designs from our client’s own business goals. As they express in detail their business model, mission statement, and marketing goals, we can offer a fresh perspective on these goals that translates into a unique logo design to capture these business objectives.

Online galleries like Designspiration and Deviant Art offer great resources for graphic design and web design inspiration. Here graphic designers and artists can showcase their work and get inspiration from fellow designers.

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources. Pinterest has become another great resource for graphic designers and web developers. By not limiting our Pinterest search to only graphic designs but looking at a variety of topics and artists, we can find new ideas that allow us to meld concepts to create truly innovative graphic designs.

Inspiration is really all around us, whether online or in the real world. We just try to be observant and increase our appreciation of our surroundings to unlock all the innovative ideas that the world has to offer.