How to use Over the Counter Cleaning Products

I have been seeing a lot of problems with customers using over the counter carpet cleaning products. The problems I see are a carpet spotting product being used and not properly rinsed out. ALL DIY carpet spot removers must be rinsed from the carpet after removing the spot or there will be a sticky residue left that will cause the spot to reappear over time. The most common response is to get the carpet spotter back out and hit the spots again, or to hire a home cleaning company.

This only makes the problem worse. To resolve this problem the carpet needs to be rinsed, preferably with a carpet rinsing product. If you don’t have access to a rinsing product the next best option is to rinse with hot water. This will help but will not resolve the issue completely with the first rinsing; you will need to do it several times to get the residue out.

The best way to rinse the residue out of the carpet is to take a clean white towel and soak it with hot water and wring it out, then take the towel and gently rub it over the spotted area multiple times. After rinsing the spot take a dry towel and try to dry it the best you can this should help with the spot reappearing.

Please read all of the directions on the cleaning product before you use it and never put the product directly on the carpet. The best way to remove a spot is to put a little carpet spotter on a white towel and gently transfer up the spot using the least amount of cleaning product possible. Then rinse the stain as described above.

The other problem I see is when a people have used a machine to clean their carpet. Sometimes this is done correctly and only a small amount of cleaning product is used and the carpet is rinsed several times after, but more often too much cleaning product is used and it is never rinsed properly this causes a much bigger problem since the whole carpet will most likely be more dirty than ever in a few months.

Some of the dirtiest carpets we have seen was recently cleaned using the equipment you rent from a store. A good thing to remember is cheap cleaning products are cheap for a reason and you get what you pay for. Most of these cheaper DIY products will make the carpet look clean but only for a short amount of time. I use the best certified green cleaning and rinsing products available and make sure that I don’t leave any product residue when we are done.

Where Does a Creative Agency Find Inspiration

As one of the best creative agencies full of graphic designers, animators, web developers, social media marketing analysts, and copywriters, our job centers around using our imagination to develop new things. We create new ways of visually describing companies and their business goals. We build new interfaces for websites and applications.  We develop new strategies for marketing companies and innovative ways of communicating what separates a company in their industry.

All of this takes a great deal of creativity and innovation. But as humans, we don’t have an endless stream of imaginative energies. So we have to find inspiration. All graphic designers and artists in various fields are continually on this search for more inspiration.

So, where do the graphic designers at our studio inspiration for new projects? Well, it starts with our name, Cult LDN. Our name comes from the fact that we want to create a cult type following around your brand, and we are based in London. This doesn’t mean that we’re part of some weird cult of course!

Often, we simply derive ideas from nature. While not copying nature, we take inspiration from nature to the next level to create high-end design and fluid motion. Really, what better place to look for inspiration than in our environment?

Along with deriving things from our surrounding, we may notice inspiring features in the architecture of a building such as in much of London’s historic and modern buildings. There are many types of architecture at work here upon which to draw inspiration.

Often, we find ideas for graphic and logo designs from our client’s own business goals. As they express in detail their business model, mission statement, and marketing goals, we can offer a fresh perspective on these goals that translates into a unique logo design to capture these business objectives.

Online galleries like Designspiration and Deviant Art offer great resources for graphic design and web design inspiration. Here graphic designers and artists can showcase their work and get inspiration from fellow designers.

Inspiration can come from a variety of sources. Pinterest has become another great resource for graphic designers and web developers. By not limiting our Pinterest search to only graphic designs but looking at a variety of topics and artists, we can find new ideas that allow us to meld concepts to create truly innovative graphic designs.

Inspiration is really all around us, whether online or in the real world. We just try to be observant and increase our appreciation of our surroundings to unlock all the innovative ideas that the world has to offer.

Should You Be An Affiliate or a Vendor?

By becoming an affiliate, especially with Clickbank, you’re not building a solid sustainable/scalable business in my view. Some will disagree I’m sure, I know there are some great Affiliates out there but how many make a decent living?

All I’m saying is, affiliates struggle and I’m willing to take a punt that 90% do!!?? the Vendor/Merchant always get the cream if they have a great product.

Affiliates will always be chasing the next product, eBook/Software to make the quick sale while the product is still HOT. Being an Affiliate is not easy, you need to able to adapt, act fast and have an excellent marketing plan to make it work.

The majority use PPC why? because it’s the fastest way to the consumer, and they’re lazy. I don’t blame them really if it’s there, use it. The sad thing is, most struggle and lose to never return. I took part in an Affiliate Census recently and one question was “What is your most popular way to promote a product for a merchant” I wasn’t surprised to see that the successful one’s said the long term organic Search Engine Optimisation worked best for them.

This takes time and huge effort which most affiliates don’t like, they want immediate results. They don’t want to waste hours/weeks/months marketing a website aimed at a merchants product(s) to find out all their hard work flopped! it does work though and if done right pays off big, especially if you target the merchants best performing keyword(s).

Creating a product is the hard part and that is probably why becoming an Affiliate sounds the easy way out right? wrong! it’s just as easy to be a Vendor.’ll get the customer service emails and the product support questions but all that is easy to handle when you know you have at least 100+ affiliates doing the real work “Marketing Your Product” for you while you sip “English Tea” with your feet up. It’s a nice position to be in let me tell you and I should know as I’ve managed over 2000+ Affiliates and I loved them all.

Well…the ones that worked hard, the whole 80/20 rule comes into play here.